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Nicole Neethling then a qualified patent attorney, worked at one of the most prestigious corporate law firms in the country. Having had the office with the view of table mountain, the three piece suits, and the floor to ceiling glass walls, she found herself looking out the window, asking herself "Is this it? In 10 years I might have a bigger house and better car... but is this it?"
With that question burning inside her, she knew that there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing. As it would happen, after she had her first child she began staying at home. 
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"I had just stopped earning an attorney's salary, and money was tight, but it was then that I started dreaming again!"
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She then came across this story in the bible about a hungry prophet who was stranded in the desert. God sent him to a poor widow in a nearby town, and told him that He would provide for him there.

1 Kings 17:7-16

When he arrived, the Widow told him that she only had enough flour and oil for one more meal, before she would die, as she had no one to provide for her.
Elijah convinced her to help him, with God's word to provide for them as a promise. The story goes, that as long as Elijah was with her, her flour and oil never ran out.
"Once I read that, I knew that I wanted that kind of miracle! I felt God inspire me to start on my dream with what ever "flour and oil" I had, and not to wait for my ship to come in."
It was then that Nicole and her family realised that their love for people and food, could be used to create a business, that would give their family time together and bring this message of hope to others.
She started food courses in her 2-bedroom home in Paarl, and has since conducted them in Restaurants, Guesthouses, wine farms and homes of her clients, around the Western Cape
"I have realised that if you put your dreams in God's hands any thing is possible. My dream now, is for each of you to have your own "flour and oil" miracle! With whatever you have in your hands and heart."